Air-cooled Chiller

ATHENA Plus Full Inverter Air-cooled Chiller

  • MODEL                                        :   EKAC460 EKAC2760
  • COOLING CAPACITY    :   270 ~ 4,200 kW
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  • Copeland scroll compressor or Danfoss scroll compressor
  • Plate heat exchanger / tank heat exchanger
  • Modular design , max 16 units work together
  • Industrial cooling application , and min -10 C outlet temperature
  • Outlet temperature control
  • Total heat recovery

The Athena Plus series inverter air-cooled chiller (heat pump) is a top-of-the-line product incorporating the latest technological advancements in chiller systems design and manufacturing. It features energy-efficient scroll compressors and DC inverter technologies, achieving an IPLV of up to 4.5. The system is equipped with patented hybrid connection technology, AI defrosting technology, cutting-edge microcomputer control technology, and 5G network communication capability. It is ideal for year-round cooling and heating in various large- and medium-sized buildings.



Applicable Industries

Pharmaceutical, Exhibition Hall, Office Building, Food, HVAC System, Industrial Process Cooling.

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APOLLO Air-cooled Screw Chiller


  • MODEL                                        :   EKW500 – EKDC3000
  • COOLING CAPACITY    :   270 ~ 4,200 kW


  • MODEL                                        :   EKAS093B – EKAS420B
  • COOLING CAPACITY    :   327 ~ 1,47 kW

The Apollo/Apollo II E Series air-cooled screw unit is designed with the latest technology to provide optimal performance and efficiency. The unit is equipped with a new generation of HFC-134a special double screw compressor that has a high efficiency of 5:5 asymmetric rotor processed using patented technology, and a new screw profile and oil injection design. The compressor has been designed to always operate at high energy efficiency levels, thanks to the newly optimized mechanical energy regulation structure that works with the sliding ECO air inlet design. This ensures that the compressor maintains high energy efficiency levels at all load segments, regardless of the load conditions. The unit is capable of exhibiting extremely high efficiency at both full load and partial load conditions, thanks to its advanced design. This makes it an ideal choice for applications where high efficiency and optimal performance are required. Whether you need the unit for industrial or commercial purposes, you can rely on the Apollo II E Series air-cooled screw unit to provide the efficiency and performance you need.


Air-Cooled Screw Chiller (APOLLO II) High-Efficiency


Air-Cooled Screw Chiller (APOLLO) High-Efficiency


Applicable Industries

Hotels, Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Farms, Construction works

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